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       This is a project about private space, which is so necessary both for human being and for any other living creature. Its invasion, as a rule, is committed by those who consider themselves to be “higher" and stronger. As a state encroaches on the personal space of its citizens, we violate others’ borders and subject not only another person, but also our environment. We forget that we are a part of nature, and that it is important and necessary to respect other people's space and not pushing the boundaries, since the invasion can be destructive. 

       The project was filmed in the territory of Belarus and Poland, countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union, where freedom of speech, expression and displacement were being absent for a long time. Where many fates were broken because of the desire to subdue and rule. Where human life meant nothing.

       There are still many places like that in the modern world. It is the result of human nature, therefore it is ineradicable.​

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